Our Mission

Vision statement: At Gardens of Honey we yearn to establish a broader appreciation of natural resources and their benefits. We aim to enlarge the importance of local production, eco-conscious consumerism and a global awareness of planet preservation.
Mission statement: Our mission is to create a sustainable company, which aspires to give back by ethically sourcing beautifully handcrafted products that represent some of the Earth’s most precious resources – pollinators.


Gardens of Honey was created with a passionate desire to make a difference in the world by demonstrating the importance of honeybees and other pollinators.  By empowering local production and artisans, we promote a peaceful, positive and eco-friendly lifestyle.

We yearn to establish a business which builds its success on Mother Earth’s natural contribution and consequently we aspire to give back to our origin – the planet.

It is no coincidence bees are the main source of our sustainable production.  They are awe-inspiring pollinators which have long provided humans with honey and beeswax, what makes them the only insects in the world to produce food that people can eat. The precious beings they are, they communicate with one another by dancing. After all, they are very communal and cooperative insects.

Honeybees keep our team in constant amazement. Did you know that honeybee queens vaccinate their offspring against local illnesses? Or that insect pollination, mostly from honeybees, is critical to a third of the world’s food supply! At Gardens of Honey we recognize honeybees are the world’s most important pollinator in natural ecosystems. There is something truly captivating about them, due to their complex social systems and dynamic personal interactions with one another. Humans have relied on bees for 9,000 years and thus our family-owned company came together to build a brand with a meaningful impact. We listened to the collective voices of our vast social media following compromising a global community of nature-lovers, beekeepers, and eco-conscious consumers to build Gardens of Honey.

Unfortunately, research has shown that over the last two decades the world population of these hardworking creatures is in rapid decline. Therefore, we dedicate time and resources to assist non-profit organizations to spread awareness and work toward a positive coexistence with bees, both wild and domesticated populations. Our team strives to expand honeybee conservation around the world, so whether you practice beekeeping, enjoy food from pollinator-dependent sources or simply love honeybees, there are so many ways to get involved!

With a strong belief that every buyer should know what she or he is buying, our detailed product descriptions give you an intimate look into who the maker is and where your product was made. We aspire for our customers to feel confident in the quality and originality of each piece that is handpicked for our collection. We choose items that are influenced by nature, pollinators and beekeepers to further support our mission. We are honored to present a beautiful collection of handmade items by artisans, suitable for men, women, children and even your home.

The honey products we present source only natural ingredients and methods to help save and preserve the planet and support healthy lifestyles. The artisan products we support bring good health and joy the way nature intended.

Our business is in harmony with our core values: eco-friendly, socially responsible, handmade, women-owned, made in the USA, and, most importantly, ten percent of our sales goes directly to support local non-profits.