Our Story


Gardens of Honey is more than a clothing brand and boutique. We are a movement to make the world a kinder and more sustainable place. We empower other artisans by sourcing beautifully handcrafted products that represent pollinators, beekeepers, and nature as a whole. We donate our time and other resources to non-profit organizations within the community. 

 Nowadays, social media is abundant with various offers of products which battle for a greener world, however, not all of them come from so-called sustainable sources. Although many brands are believed to be contributing to a better world, their origin might be the very reason for our planet’s pollution. Wistfully, we were mistaken at first too.

 The first edition of this website was created in February 2019 with a drop shipping model, where the products were sent from China. With the help of the collective voices of our vast social media following accompanied by customer feedback, our team quickly realized that the quality of the merchandise was poor and unsatisfactory. We began to question the origin and the essence of our business - the products we were selling. Given the fact we were everything but proud of the brand we have barely established, we decided to rebrand our business concept and alternate the entire website, where we could instead offer items that we are passionate about.

 After weeks of planning and preparation, we decided to bring awareness of our brand by choosing local products and to support hand-crafted products made by artisans. Moreover, we now aspire to recognize the issues faced by honeybee keepers and provide them with funds needed for a positive change.

 Thus, we partnered with a local non-profit to which we donate our time, a portion of sales and other resources to support their mission and to jointly contribute to honeybee conservation and education.

 As a result of our passionate desire to make a meaningful impact, we are proud to have developed a global community of nature-lovers, beekeepers and eco-conscious consumers who have helped us build the identity of our brand Gardens of Honey. We are a mission-driven, enlightened, fun-loving company that supports honeybee conservation around the world.