Our Team

Andrea Schultz ~ Founder


Andrea grew up on a farm in Ohio and since the youngest age, she felt truly connected to the nature as she explored the countryside and played in the wildflower fields. She comes from a family of avid gardeners and animal lovers, what she inherited from her mother and grandmother. She loves visiting her grandmothers’ home in Georgia where the balcony is lined with hummingbird feeders overlooking her garden and the mountains.  Together we sit and watch 120 hummingbirds who return every year to enjoy her homemade sugar water.  Andrea moved to Florida in 1990, has spent many years working in corporate America and received an MBA in March 2019, but her passion for the outdoors, nature and the Earth brought her to the launch of Gardens of Honey.

She is the founder of this family-owned sustainable business, dedicated to empowering local production and artisans by sourcing beautifully handcrafted products that represent some of Earth’s most precious resources – pollinators. She donates her time and other means to non-profit organizations within the community.

 Charley Sanders ~ Helper


Charley is 6 years old and has just started Kindergarten. She loves coloring, playing outside and helping her mommy plant flowers. She is growing up in an atmosphere full of gratitude and respect for the planet Earth. She finds it very enjoyable to look for new items for the website that in her opinion other kids would like. “Bees are really neat, and I am really happy to see them on the playground at school all the time!” she shared blissfully. 

Bees ~ Pollinator


Bees are the main source of our sustainable, local and eco-friendly production. They are beneficial because of their pollination and their help of providing food in many different forms, such as fruits, nuts, berries, seeds, roots and leaves. These astonishing creatures also pollinate foods eaten by other animals and birds and apart from the fact they are significant for food production, bees also contribute immensely to the countryside, gardens and the enrichment of the landscapes. Simply put, bees are inspiring insects from which we can learn so much!